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Abortion Education

Abortion Education

Before you visit an abortion clinic or provider, we strongly encourage you to ask yourself these important questions, which we can help you answer:

Am I pregnant?

Pregnancy tests are not always accurate. An ultrasound can tell if the baby has a heartbeat and how far along you are.

Do I understand the potential risks?

Every medical procedure, including abortion, carries the risk of complications.  You have the legal right to be informed about the type of procedure you will receive, as well as any potential complications.  Ask as many questions as you need to make sure you understand all that is involved physically and emotionally.

Do I have an STD?

Any surgical procedure can be complicated by infection.  You may be carrying an STD and not know it because they often do not have symptoms.

Have I considered alternatives to abortion?

Abortion may seem like the best fit for your current circumstances, but learning about other options you have is a good idea.  Some women who initially consider abortion are ultimately delighted to be parenting a child. Others who are not comfortable choosing abortion but are not ready to raise a child, make an adoption plan.

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