What About You?

You have thoughts and feelings, too

What do you think?

Your opinions are vital to her decision about the life growing inside her. A woman is more likely to choose abortion if they don’t feel a sense of support from anyone.


Other reasons women choose abortion:

  • She can’t afford a child
  • She doesn’t want to be a single mom
  • She is having relationship problems
  • A baby would interfere with her education, job or career
  • A baby would interfere with her ability to care for other children or family
  • She senses that her partner wants her to abort

She needs YOUR support.

Being a parent is certainly not easy, but it is extremely rewarding. Children are the best legacy we can leave. Here is what YOU can do!

  • Speak up and tell her how you feel about your unborn child. Be part of her decision.
  • Listen and speak with gentleness. She will feel safer and valued if you approach her this way. Even if she expresses anger or frustration, don’t walk away.
  • Tell her how you want to support her and your unborn child
  • Visit our office with her. You can come together to our center, visit one-on-one with a male peer counselor, and if she wants, be with her for an ultrasound. We can help you sort out all the options. Call us today at 585-235-0690 for a free appointment.