Do you have any pressing concerns?

What about you?

Have you just discovered that your partner is pregnant or might have an STD? Have you supported a girlfriend’s decision to abort your baby in the past? Have you seen the pages on this site about sexually transmitted diseases? Do you think you might have one? Call us today at 585-235-0690 for a free appointment.

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How do you feel about all this?

It’s important that she knows that you’re concerned about what’s happening. Do you feel okay about your relationship? Do pressures and worries take over?

  • You’re at college, and there’s still a long way to go?
  • You weren’t that serious about the relationship?
  • The responsibility of a child or dealing with an STD seems overwhelming?
  • What if you’re just not ready?

We care about women and the men they’ve been involved with. Just need someone to talk to? We have trained male peer counselors we can refer you to and meet with you about questions like these. Call us at 585-235-0690, even if it’s just to talk.

You may feel relieved by thinking that you don’t have to make any final decisions. Many men say to their partners “I’ll support you whatever you decide…” which seems to be a loving thing to do, but it places the whole burden on her.

Some women sense what their partners really want and go along with it because they are afraid they will lose the relationship. She needs reassurance that you’ll be there for her. She may guess wrongly about how you feel, she needs to know what you think…and what you feel.

How you can support her:

  • Reassure her that you care.
  • Communicate and help make decisions.
  • Share the responsibility.

Look through the information on this site and give us a call at 585-235-0690. We want to help.