July 2017 Report

Posted by on Aug 15, 2017 in Prayer, Support

July 2017 Report

A Client Story

A 35 year old woman came in on the last day of July for a pregnancy test. She has 3 children and is going through a divorce but still trying to make her marriage work.

She has suffered a lot of tragedy and loss in her life. Her brother was murdered years ago. Her father was a drug dealer and was murdered. Her husband was shot in the head and survived. She herself had multiple abortions in her past. So much loss!

The upside of all this tragedy is that she knows the Lord and said she could not have gotten through all of this without him.

These kinds of stories may be shocking to us, but they are not unusual. Many of our clients have family members who were murdered. We need to be an oasis – a place where our clients can come for refreshing truth and love.

Click here to read this month’s full report to the His Branches Board of Directors.

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