STD Facts

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Facts About STDs

  • STDs are the most common diseases in America next to the common cold and flu.
  • 1 in 5 Americans are presently infected with an STD.
  • 15 million new STD cases are reported each year – 41,000/day.
  • 65 million Americans are infected with an incurable STD.
  • 35-50 different kinds of STDs exist.
  • 20 different STDs are rampant among the young.
  • 63 of all STDs occur in persons less than 25 years of age.
  • STDs infect 3 million teenagers each year.
  • 80% infected with an STD do not develop the initial symptoms.
  • STDs are contagious even though no symptoms exist.
  • New strains of STDs are resistant to treatment.
  • STDs often cause chronic pain and permanent damage.
  • STD infection increases the possibility of contracting AIDS.
  • Some STDs are incurable and can eventually kill.

If you are involved sexually, you need to know the risks…

  • Risk… Your partner may not know he/she has an STD…80% infected do not know their condition.
  • Risk… Your partner may not tell you the truth if he/she has been sexually active in the past.
  • Risk… STDs are not prevented with condom use: 1) some STDs transmit skin to skin; 2) condoms have a 17% failure rate; that’s 1 in 6.
  • Risk… You can have an STD and have no symptoms for weeks, months, possibly years. STDs are contagious even though no symptoms exist.
  • Risk… Teens are much more susceptible to STD damage because they have a lower level of antibodies than adults.
  • Risk… It is extremely important to see a doctor for a check-up if you – or your partner – have had a sexual experience outside of marriage even though no symptoms exist.

A special caution to women…

Women with STDs suffer greater physical trauma than men. A woman’s sexual system is open (fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix) and much more susceptible to disease than a man’s closed sexual system. An infant born to a mother who has an STD is also at risk of contracting the disease during the birthing process and this can lead to serious problems for the baby. It is also possible for the newborn to contract an STD while breast-feeding if the mother is infected. STDs should not be taken lightly. Most are curable with antibiotics. Some STDs are not curable, but can be treated. Presently AIDS is the only STD fatal to those infected. Do not let any symptom or question go unchecked. We encourage all to postpone sexual activity until marriage. Call us today at 585-235-0690 for a free appointment.

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