Does it make sense to wait?

Freedom from the possibility of unplanned pregnancy.

There is no way to avoid the possibility of pregnancy 100% besides abstinence, in other words…no sex.

Freedom from the the question: “Does he/she love me for me or for sex?”

You won’t ever have to guess if someone is with you just because of sex.  And if someone tells you that’s the only way to show your love, they really don’t think much of you and are exposing you both to all of the risks associated with it.

Freedom from sexual regret and guilt.

There are no feelings of being used or exploited, or of making someone else feel that way. You’re free to respect yourself and others without the drowning feeling of guilt.

Freedom from contracting STDs.

See STD FAQs, STD Chart, At Risk?  There are many sexually transmitted diseases.  Some are curable, some are not and some cause death.  The only 100% guaranteed way to avoid STDs is not to have sex.

Do both guys and girls benefit from abstinence?

Absolutely! Both sexes enjoy the benefits of abstinence, both emotionally and physically.

Can I be abstinent even though I’m not a virgin?

Of course! You will benefit just as much as anyone else.  Just because you’ve risked it all before doesn’t mean you have to expose yourself again.  And, you already know some of the emotional pain associated even if you haven’t yet contracted a disease.

What should I do if I don’t want to have sex but feel too much pressure?

Get help!  Seek a responsible person who you can talk to and call the help line, (800) 395-4957.  If you are in our area, call us directly at (585) 235-0690.  Don’t give in to the pressure you’re feeling, get help.