Post-Abortion Support

Have you been there before?

After an Abortion

Do you need help dealing with life, with yourself, with anything having to do with your abortion? We want to help you. Get the help and support you need. Call us at (585) 235-0690.

Post-Abortion Syndrome

Are you having trouble forgetting? Never want to talk about it or always want to talk about it? There is no way for anyone else to measure your suffering. If it’s been weeks, months or years after your abortion, there is healing…click here for more information and call us. You can talk with someone who understands.


PACE Programs for Women and Men

The symptoms of Post Abortion Syndrome can surface immediately following an abortion or be suppressed for many years.  Our Post Abortion Counseling Education (PACE) program is offered to help you and other post-abortive individuals deal with the emotional consequences of abortion. A PACE Bible Study is also available for men that have lost children through abortion.

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