Adoption Information

What do you think is best for your baby?

Adoption Education

Adoption is a wonderful life-giving option. It is a gift you can give your child, the chance to grow up in a family you choose! Embracing Options strives to provide thorough, accurate, neutral information about adoption as one of your life-affirming options. Only you know what is best for you and your baby! Call us today at 585-235-0690 for a free appointment. We will provide you with a variety of approved referrals for agency adoptions and independent adoptions for you to choose from.


What is a closed adoption?

It is when the birth parents and adoptive family have no contact with each other at any time.

What is an open adoption?

It is when the adoptive family and the birth family share information openly and may even meet each other.

What is an adoption plan?

A plan you make about your future and your baby’s future. This includes choosing the baby’s adoptive family, medical care, counseling, and education about adoption.

You have the right to:

  • Place your child for adoption
  • Choose the parents who will adopt your child
  • Write an open agreement, which allows you to share pictures and letters with your child after adoption
  • Receive financial help with certain reasonable and actual expenses
  • Change your mind about the adoption for a designated time period after the baby is born

Educate Yourself

If you would like to find out more information about some of the local adoption agencies, check out the following websites: