A Call for Moral Clarity and Courage

Posted by on Dec 31, 2018 in Leadership, Prayer

A Call for Moral Clarity and Courage

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms

and our pro-life allies face a very difficult struggle in the coming weeks, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo and majorities of each House of the State Legislature are intent on passing abortion expansion legislation.

To be blunt, our odds of success are quite low. Nevertheless, we will continue to stand for life and leave the ultimate outcome to the Lord.

The proposed Reproductive Health Act would:

  1. Eliminate the requirement that abortions be performed only by licensed physicians;
  2. Take abortion-related crimes off the books in cases where pregnant women miscarry after being assaulted;
  3. Unambiguously establish a state-law right to abortion after more than 24 weeks’ gestation when the abortion is “necessary to protect the patient’s life or health” (which, based on court decisions, would allow late-term abortion for any reason at all); and
  4. Repeal existing protections for viable babies born alive following late-term abortions.

Every follower of Christ in the State of New York should be actively involved in opposing abortion expansion. To do this, Christians need two things: Moral clarity and moral courage. Moral clarity simply requires a Christian to understand that abortion is something the Lord hates.

Murder is the intentional taking of an innocent human life, and an unborn baby is an innocent human life (a baby has its own heartbeat within the first month of pregnancy, and has its own distinct DNA at conception). The Bible makes it clear that the Lord hates murder (Exodus 20:13) and that He is intimately involved in fetal development (Psalm 139:13-16).

Moral courage requires that a Christian be willing to advocate for the unborn, remembering that the Lord calls upon His people to protect the defenseless (Proverbs 24:11-12).

Friends, if you have the moral clarity and moral courage to oppose abortion expansion, please write your state legislators today and urge them to vote against this disturbing proposal. Please pray against the passage of this bill, and please stay turned for further actions we can take together as we stand for life in Albany.

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